Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas! We have parties, booze, gambling, and best of all: Our world famous Las Vegas strip shows. When you are looking to live it up big time in the city, you know there is no better place to call. Our team handles everything you need in order to have the best night out of your life. Picture it now: A sleek limousine pulls up to your hotel and takes you and your friends to the sexiest strip clubs Vegas has to offer. Then, you have the time of your life inside with no cover charge and your first round of drinks on the house! Once all is said and done, your limo will take you back to your hotel where you can rest up and get ready for another night of debauchery!

We know this sounds fun to even the most casual partier, but what if you have never been to a strip club before? What do you need to know before you visit? We are here to share everything you need to know before going to the strip club for the first time.

Don’t be Nervous

The dancers are some of the most beautiful in the world, but that doesn’t mean you need to be nervous. They all want you to have a good time (especially with them!), so you can expect friendly girls who want to make your fantasies a reality. Everyone there is just looking to be entertained, so as long as you have a cocktail in one hand and some cash in the other, you will fit right in.

You can Buy a Dance, but You Don’t Have to

We understand if you are a little unsure of the place when you get inside – after all, how many times do you walk into a room and suddenly see beautiful, naked women everywhere you turn? Find your seat, chat with your friends, and just enjoy the view. If you decide you want a private dance with one of the dancers, we know she will be happy to oblige. However, if you aren’t sure if you want a private dance, you can always politely decline or offer to find the dancer later for a private dance. While these dances are probably the highlight of going to the club, don’t feel like that’s all you can do all night. The Las Vegas strip clubs pride themselves on providing the best and hottest entertainment, as well as strong drinks and plenty of fun. You’ll be relaxing there for awhile, so feel free to wait on the dances.

Bring Cash

You want to tip the lovely ladies, don’t you? Show them that you really enjoyed their performance by sliding them some cash while they are on stage. You are likely to get a special treat! If you are unsure how the tipping protocol works, that’s okay – it tends to vary from club to club. We recommend taking a look around the room and seeing what the other gentlemen do in order to tip the ladies. In some clubs, it’s customary to place the cash on the stage in front of you so the dancer will come to you to collect her tip. This may not always be the case. Regardless, bring some ones and fives with you for the dancers on the floor, but always bring more for the dancers who give you a private dance.

Be Respectful

The ladies of these clubs are beautiful and can’t wait to hang out with you, but they are still people. Treat them kindly, and we know that they will be more than happy to return the favor. Ask nicely for a dance, thank your dancer afterward, and leave her a nice tip. Being a gentleman among your friends may also attract more dancers to your table, making your party the highlight of the night. Talk about VIP treatment!

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