It can be tempting to surprise your spouse with a trip to a Las Vegas strip club. You would love the experience, and you think it will help spice up your sex life, seeing all the exotic women dancing and entertaining patrons beneath neon lights. Have you asked what your wife thinks yet? At Party N Las Vegas, we want you and your spouse to enjoy your experience on the strip to its fullest. So before you surprise her with beautiful naked women at a strip club, consider the two tips in this post. If you missed it, you can read part one of this series, too.

Couples Strip Club Tips

Take It Slow

The first few times you and your spouse hit the strip clubs in Vegas you two need to take it slow. Maybe choose a club, go grab a drink at the bar together, and watch from a distance. Both of you are exploring new territory with your relationship and as individuals. Consider paying an entertainer to sit between you and your partner and just talk about the club. Ask questions. Let your spouse get comfortable in the atmosphere. You may be familiar with the gentlemen’s clubs around Las Vegas, but she’s feeling the same way you did the first time you went to a strip club: excited, nervous, and anxious.

Finally, before you buy your spouse a dance, pay for a private room, or do anything over the top, ask her if she would be fine with it. The two of you are in a new environment with your relationship so make sure she’s comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable before you do anything sensational. Don’t be surprised if her comfort level changes throughout the evening. She may say yes to a couple’s lap dance, but halfway through it she changes her mind. Respect that change. If you force it, she’ll never come back to a club with you again.

Set Clear Boundaries

It’s important both of you set clear boundaries, but don’t be afraid or scared to test them–obviously, with consent from your spouse first. It may be helpful to set a safe word. Clubs tend to be loud and dark, so a single word ensures that when said the appropriate action is taken. Some couples use their favorite sports team, a fruit, or a color.

To keep comfort level at the forefront you can ask questions like:

  • Do you want to try a lap dance?
  • How do you feel about a couple’s lap dance?
  • Do you want to watch me get a lap dance?
  • Can I watch you get a lap dance?

Remember that even though you may frequent strip clubs, your spouse does not. Your relationship is being tested in a new setting and atmosphere. Sensual, sultry women are strutting around naked, and your significant other is processing it all. She may feel threatened, insecure, or jealous. Boundaries and candid communication can address all of this and create a sensual, fun experience.

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