Do you want to take your wife to the strip club? One half of you is probably excited that the sexually charged atmosphere may spice things when you get home later that night. The other half of you is probably screaming, “are you INSANE?” So how do you enjoy the sultry, sensual atmosphere of a strip club with your significant other? Party N Las Vegas is going to share five tips we know will help you and your wife enjoy some of the best strip clubs on Vegas.

Couples’ Tips For The Strip Club


If you haven’t heard, communication is key in any relationship. Being able to talk candidly and honestly is a cornerstone in a long term marriage. However, when it comes to the strip club, you and your spouse need to have an open line of communication. You need to be able to speak frankly without fear of being judge, respect one another’s feelings, and address anything that comes up in the moment, not later.

It may be tempting to get excited about your wife joining you at the strip club, ignore her, and start throwing stacks around. However, we suggest you make the evening about your wife. Let her enjoy herself, get used to the environment, and have fun with the other ladies in the club.

We suggest you sit down with your wife before going to the club and discuss fantasies, boundaries, and expectations. If you have everything out in the open, it will be easier to relax, enjoy the evening, and deepen your relationship.

More couples across America are enjoying strip clubs for a variety of reasons:

  • It gives them ideas for their sex life
  • It teases their imaginations
  • It offers an alternative to their sex routine
  • It starts a discussion about dreams, fantasies, and more

Process it all

It depends on your relationship, but many couples find it helpful to spend some time alone to process the newly discussed feelings, thoughts, and fantasies from the communication session. This may seem counterintuitive to separate for a short amount of time during something new and potentially controversial, but it allows you and your spouse to consider how you feel, think, and want to address any of the information.

In most cases, the couple will decide to give the strip club a try, and they enjoy it. However, the communication and isolation prior to going is what sets the stage for a great time.

Research The Strip Clubs

Sit down together and look up the best strip clubs in Vegas. Decide together which club the two of you want to enjoy. When you book with Party N Las Vegas, you get free cover charge, VIP treatment, and the best limo service on the strip. We offer service to the following clubs:

Many of our couples enjoy Treasures, but any of the five are fantastic for a couple’s night on the town.

Book With Party N Las Vegas

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In part two of this blog post we offer two more tips to help you and your partner enjoy the strip club together.