How do you tip a bartender? More specifically, how do you tip a bartender at a strip club? Some frequent club goers make up their own rules based on number of drinks, total price, and a collection of other random parameters. Nonetheless, Party N Las Vegas is here to share with you what the bartenders on the Vegas strip wish you knew about tipping.

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The Seven Things Your Strip-Club Bartender Wish You Knew About Tips

It can be tough to tip while at a strip club. You want more money for dances. The bartender is just as attractive as the entertainers on stage. How are you going to make a good impression, have a good time, and potentially get free drinks in the process?

Tip Early and Tip Big

It’s a misconception to think that if you tip big that you’ll get better service throughout the night. Bartenders don’t say anything because tips are what they live off of, but it’s good to understand that you can tip based on tab total, drink number, or another strategy we’ll mention in this post and get the same, if not a better result on bartender service.

Tip What They Deserve

When you tip based on service rendered, you’re undercutting the entire industry. Yes, a tip is an indication that you enjoyed a bartender’s service throughout your drink ordering, consuming, and tabbing-out process; however, when tip less than standard or don’t tip at all, you’re doing two things: 1. Making yourself look cheap, and 2. Messing with another person’s livelihood. Granted, you could argue they chose this job, as we did in one of our other posts about why entertains strip, but it doesn’t help anyone when you don’t tip.

Tip One-Dollar Per Drink

This rule is acceptable until you get into cocktails or mixed drinks. In strip clubs, you’ll find the drink prices raised, and tipping one dollar per drink is reasonable. Remember, if the drink is fancy, tip extra.

Tip With Cash First

It’s best to tip with cash first. As tabs get higher, the tip lowers. There’s a sweet spot in most bars where the bartender may ask if you want to tab out before you’re finished for the evening. This means you’re in the “sweet spot” for tipping. People tend to tip less as their tab gets more expensive. Remember, tip accordingly, no matter how small or large your tab gets.

Tip For Both Drinks on Two-for-one Specials

People think since they are saving money on a deal, they don’t have to tip for the extra drinks being made, served, and tended. Stick to the one dollar per drink rule mentioned above, and your bartender will take notice.

Tips Are Life

You may not know this but many workers in the food and entertainment industry live off tips. Bartenders live almost solely off wages, depending on your state’s minimum wage laws. However, this doesn’t mean you should feel guilty for not tipping a bad bartender. Just keep in mind to tip the bartender as long as it wasn’t bad service.

Stop Waving Your Cash Around

We understand. You can get excited in the strip club and think waving or throwing cash at a bartender is going to get you service. Frankly, bartenders don’t care who you are, cash-waving won’t get you service faster. Bartenders multiple clients who need drinks, and they work a system to keep order at their bar top.

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