As your flight lands, you and the guys decide you’re going to hit Spearmint Rhino first. It’s the best strip club in Las Vegas, and you want to experience it in all its exotic glory. So, as you hurry through the airport with your carry-on, you book VIP treatment, a luxury limo, and bottle service for five for that night with Party N Las Vegas; it’s easy and offers a ride to and from the club.

Once you and the guys drop your stuff at the hotel, you head to the lobby. Your limousine is on its way. As the five of you meet, you start to laugh and joke. You’re in Vegas! What better way to spend it then with your best friends? You get a call. The limo has arrived. The five of you head outside and get into the limo.

As you push the doors open into Spearmint Rhino, you feel the energy and the excitement. The hottest strippers in the US — some would argue the world — perform on stage. You’re finally here. You’ve got a roll of cash in your front left pocket. Your phone is off. The club manager leads the five of you to your private, roped off area. As you get settled, two exotic women bring over two bottles. You and your best friend pop the bottles, and the night begins.

Five Tips To Date A Stripper

Let’s be honest. It’s going to take more than a few dances and a few Benjamins to convince a stripper that you’re dating material. Most men this exotic woman encounters just wants to admire, touch, and talk about her. Date her? No. Most men simply want to sleep with her, tell their friends, and go back for more. So how do date a stripper? We’ve got some tips you can follow, but we can’t guarantee you’ll make it work:

Tip #1 – Energy and libido are different

As entertainers, strippers are there to create an energy that gets you to spend money. Sorry to burst your bubble. If you have cash, a stripper will, in most cases, entertain you. What most that want to date a stripper believe is that a stripper’s energy while performing is the energy they take into their intimate relationships. This isn’t true. Yes, she may grace you with the energy she has on stage elsewhere, but most of the time, that entertainer is a real person, and she doesn’t want to “entertain” you in the bedroom. You need to get to know her, invest in her, and find out who she is off stage. Many performers have personas they tap into while entertaining as to separate their real life from the fantastical one they create for others.

Tip #2 – No club. No uniform

Once the shift at the strib club is over, your exotic dancer girlfriend will probably put clothes on. If you expect to laud her around town and be gawked at as dating a scantily clad stripper, you’re mistaken. In a large majority of cases, once she leaves the club, off comes the rhinestone G-string and stilettos and on goes the sweatpants, cotton t shirt, and flats.

Tip #3 – Be ready to support her emotionally

Depending on the woman, you may find a stripper you end up dating that is confident, values, herself, and doesn’t need your intermittent reminder that she’s beautiful. That’s great! However, she’s a human, which means, you will at some point need to support her emotionally. At the strip club a transaction is made, money for entertainment. At home, a transaction is also made, time for emotional support. Don’t think you can ignore her emotionally just because every other guy you know pays her to dance for them on Friday nights.



Tip #4 – No quick hookup or kinky fantasy

Just because strippers participate in an occupation that society deems questionable at best, does not instantly make them kinky kittens. Lots of strippers prefer traditional, vanilla intimacy. Yes, you will have higher odds of entertaining the idea with a woman who strips to experiment, but never assume since they strip that they’re down for your BDSM fantasy. Read tip number one and tip number three if this still doesn’t stick.

Tip #5 – Strippers are not quitters

As professional entertainers, a stripper won’t quit her job because you complain and moan about it. You’re the one who chose to get into an emotional relationships with an adult entertainer. You must accept her as a person off-stage and as an entertainer on-stage. Consider bringing her home to meet the parents. Does that make you nervous or cause anxiety? Sounds like you’re not ready to date a stripper. Furthermore, if she told you that she didn’t like your career, you would quit. Right? We didn’t think so. So don’t demand she change her life because you said so.

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