When it comes to having a good time at the strip club, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’re going to. When you call Party N Las Vegas to handle all the fun, you know it’s going to be a great night. We pick you up in a limousine and take you to and from the Vegas strip club of your choice. We ensure that your cover fee is waived and that you and your friends receive VIP seating and two complimentary drinks. What more could you ask for when it comes to a night out in Vegas?

Of course, not everyone who goes to the strip club knows how to be there. We’ve seen all kinds of behavior, and we know what kinds will get you kicked out of the club before you even get a chance to talk to one of the beautiful women there, much less receive a dance. In order to be the life of the party at the strip club, we urge you to follow these guidelines:


If you are going out tonight with a boyfriend or fiance, we understand why you might be a little jealous with a bunch of gorgeous women around. However, it’s important to remember that the beautiful women at the strip club are not there to steal your man; in fact, they are there for both your entertainment and his. Do your best to relax!

If you are more of a party-animal and are not at all the jealous type, we know the Vegas clubs will love having you there. Just be mindful to stay off of the tables and avoid taking attention from the dancers. At your worst, you’ll look silly next to the professionals, and at best, you’ll be stealing tips from the hard working ladies!

Whenever you are watching a dancer, it is always polite to tip her. Your sexual preferences don’t make much of a difference, as these dancers work hard to impress everyone with their moves – not just the guys who come in to watch. If you are occupying stage-side seats, try to tip each dancer. We know she’ll give you the attention you deserve!

When it comes to touching the dancers, follow the same rules the men do. Dancers will let you know if you are allowed to touch them differently than their male clients, so don’t assume anything before you ask. Feel free to ask, however – we know some of the dancers can get very playful.


You are a man in Las Vegas, and we sincerely hope you choose to dress like one. When you receive our VIP treatment, you need to look the part. Avoid wearing sweatpants and gym shorts, as dancers will be more likely to avoid you.

Tip well, and tip often. We promise that your dancers will love keeping you and your friends happy all night long if you tip them well. Everyone will enjoy themselves more, and we know that the dancers would enjoy nothing more than taking you back to one of the champagne rooms to get to know you a little bit better. Party N Las Vegas will handle your cover, so you can use that cash to get an incredible dance!

You’re a gentleman at a gentlemen’s club, so be sure to act like one. These women are beautiful and would love to give you their attention, so there is no need to grab them without permission. Be polite and respectful, and we are certain that they will reward you for it.


As a few final suggestions for having the best time at the club, make sure to take a look around and see how business is handled! If you notice that everyone is sliding dollar bills on the edge of the stage, don’t be the one who crumples up the bill and tosses it at the dancer. Pay attention to how the dancers are tipped, and follow suit. Also, if you want something, just ask! The dancers are here to help you have a good time.

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