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How To Act in Vegas Strip Clubs

Hold Your Excitement For Later

If you’re “easily excitable,” you need to figure out how to keep it to yourself. You can take care of it prior to going to the club, or you can let your entertainer know that, well, your endurance isn’t as great as most guys. Generally, most stippers will appreciate the heads up before giving you your dance.

Respect The Strippers

Remember, you’re going to a strip club to be entertained; it isn’t a brothel. Be a gentleman. Don’t curse. Keep things classy. We can almost guarantee that if you treat the entertainers with respect, tip well, and have fun, you’ll foster a reputation that encourages conversation and a good time with the ladies.

“Will You Marry Me?”

The only time a stripper may say yes to this question is if you’re old, with a lot of money, and about to die. They aren’t in the club dancing to find a husband. They’re there to make money, enjoy the atmosphere, and have a good time. When you ask a stripper to marry you, it’s creepy and creates an awkward mood.

Personal Connection is Encouraged

Similar to how you would make friends with your local bartender, you want to make the same type of connection with the entertainers. Just because there are rules and etiquette while visiting the best gentlemen’s clubs in Las Vegas doesn’t mean you can’t make a few friends. Frankly, you need to be courteous, tip well, and know how to have fun within the confines of the club to build a positive reputation with the ladies.

Just The Tip Isn’t Enough

If you want the strippers at a Las Vegas club to know you by name, get your drinks for you, and enjoy spending time with you while your at the club, you need to do more than tip well. You need to treat them with respect.You’re at a gentlemen’s club so act like it.

Numbers Don’t Mean Dating

Some strippers give out their phone numbers. This isn’t to date you. It’s to grow their clientele. You’re a valued customer to them, and they want to make sure you know when she’s dancing. Men make a huge mistake and text the entertainer like they’re dating her, and then they’re disappointed when they get to the club and see her dancing all over someone else. Two people. Seventeen people in one night? Keep your cool, and keep it professional. You’re a customer, and you can pay for a dance.

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