If you’ve ever visited Las Vegas, it can feel like a hot flash from the moment you step off the plane Friday evening to when you wake up and rush to catch your flight Sunday morning. You’ll shoot dozens of shots, see just as many exotic, beautiful women, and even try your hand at gambling. The cliche phrase always comes to mind “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” It’s true, and it’s not called Sin City for nothing.

At Party N Las Vegas, we want to keep things classy while having an awesome time on the strip. We encourage you to visit the best strip clubs Las Vegas has to offer and throw some money around. We also encourage you to consider the general etiquette for males in the club. We share some basic tips for men visiting strip clubs on the strip.

How To Act in Vegas Strip Clubs

Sex in the strip club is not cool

As much as you want to fly home and tell your buddies you got it on in a strip club, don’t do it. It’s not classy, and it says a lot more about you than the woman–or man–you bamboozled into the horrible idea. Frankly, the strippers aren’t prostitutes. They are entertainers. Treat them as such, and don’t try to doink them because you feel like a playboy with a few hundred dollars.

Mind your manners

When you stare at strippers in the club, it’s expected. They’re dancing, naked, and entertaining. Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it’s tough to look away from a beautiful, exotic woman on stage seducing an entire crowd with the roll of her hips and the slant of her smile. However, if you start to get creepy and say things like “you look like my daughter,” “Are your nipples pierced?” “Can we go on a date after you get off?” it ruins the entire mood and suffocates the atmosphere. Leave your insecurities and weird fantasies at home. Enjoy the club for what it is, an adult entertainment venue.

Wear Deodorant

It’s rude to not be aware of how you smell. If you want the best entertainment in the club, you have to at least smell good and have cash. At the very least, put on some deodorant before visiting the club.

Ask Before You Assume

If you have a weird fetish, ask the entertainer if they would be willing to participate. In most cases, you’ll get a hard no. You’re at a strip club, not the set for 50 Shades of Grey. However, it’s better to ask if it’s a possibility and then ask how much. If you’re nice, have a decent stack of bills in your hand, and are a gentleman, you may get a yes.

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In part two, we discuss more male etiquette tips and advice for Vegas strip clubs!