If you’re the groom’s best friend, chances are high that you’re his best man. Congratulations. You’ve been endowed with the chance to throw the bachelor party of a lifetime! However, if you’ve never planned a bachelor party before, we can help give you some tips and tricks to make this one of the best nights of your life – and for your friend who’s getting hitched.

Who to Invite

The good news is, there are really only two rules to planning an incredible bachelor party guest list. First, make sure the guest list is a reasonable size. The last thing you want to do is herd about 50 dudes through Las Vegas. Second, check to make sure that everyone invited gets along. The last thing you need is two guys who have been rivals since high school showing up and making the entire night into a competition that ends in a fight. Check to see who the groom is cool with you inviting. Some grooms want their family members there while others prefer a friends-only atmosphere so things can get a little crazier.

Choosing the Location

We know you’ve thought about partying the night away in Las Vegas, so why not make those dreams a reality? Think about the classic bachelor party scene in the movies: There’s booze, sexy women, and wild adventure waiting around every corner. There’s a reason this is the classic bachelor party, and it’s because these parties are fun for everyone. Of course, feel free to plan the rest of the trip for refined activities, such as a nice steak or tickets to a concert. You can plan an entire weekend to suit everyone’s tastes.

Timing the Party

As fun as it might be to have a wild night right before the wedding, we are going to have to advise against this. The groom is going to be anxious enough as it is, so you don’t want him going through the wedding while feeling hungover. Think about arranging your trip to Vegas up to about a month before the wedding, and be sure to schedule it as early in advance as you can. Some guys may need to travel in order to attend, so give them the time they need to book a flight, take time off of work, and prepare for a weekend of debauchery. Calling those who are invited or sending out physical invitations about three weeks before the party is a solid choice!

Be the Man in Charge

You’re the best man, so it’s your job to keep the groom and everyone else safe. Be sure to use your head and remember the following:

  • Bring a camera! This is a night none of you will want to forget. And, even if you do, you’ll have photo evidence to remind you of the crazy time you had.
  • Plan the costs ahead of time. We recommend splitting the costs equally with everyone coming, except the groom. It’s his day; don’t make him pay.
  • Pay attention to the groom and how he’s doing. You can tease him and prod him, but if he says “stop,” it’s time to stop whatever it is you guys are doing.
  • Feel free to make it a surprise! If you think your buddy is going to be up for a surprise trip (as long as you cleared it with the bride first), then go for it.
  • No drunk driving for anyone.

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