Las Vegas has a little bit of something for everyone. But how do you choose the best hotel to fit your personality? Party N Las Vegas, a VIP luxury limo and car service, has put together a list of hotels that match the many personalities that visit this sinful city. Whether you’re a family man, playboy, or tycoon, you’ll find the hotel or resort that fits your needs on this list. Once you’re settled in, don’t worry about finding the best strip club near you. Give Party N Las Vegas a call. We will handle your VIP treatment, luxury limo service, bottler service, and get your cover charge waived. When you travel to Vegas, choose Party N Las Vegas!

The 11 Personality Types and Hotels

The Exhibitionist – Caesars Palace

If you’re in Vegas, then you’re probably all about being seen. Whether you’re in your finest suit or your sexiest heels, Caesars Palace is the hotel for you. Those who demand VIP treatment no matter where they go on strip will feel like royalty at this hotel. You can sunbathe topless during the day at the Venus European Pool Lounge or experience the communal Roman bathhouse and Qua Spa. Everything about this hotel delivers on putting you in the spotlight, right where you deserve.

The Romantic – The Bellagio

If you love Romeo and Juliet, The Notebook, Pretty Woman, or any other romance story, the Bellagio is the hotel for you. This hotel is famous for those looking to “pop the question”, create unforgettable memories, and bask in the aura that is your deep, romantic relationships. There’s nothing more fulfilling than another looking deep into your eyes and speaking to your soul. The Bellagio has it all to make this moment a reality. With Italy inspired stained glass, a botanical garden, and the restaurant Lago, you and your lover will easily fall into this immersive intimate atmosphere.

The Playboy – Cromwell

There’s nothing more satisfying than arriving at a hotel destination and thinking, “this is me.” Cromwell speaks to those who look GQ, drive Tesla, and live like a playboy. The elegant Parisian decor and luxury modern amenities will make you feel like the entire hotel was built by you, for you. You can enjoy your evening in at Bound Salvatore for a cocktail or adventure out to the best strip clubs in Vegas.

The Flirt – The Cosmopolitan

If you find it hard no to flirt, entice, and tease, you’re going to feel energized at The Cosmopolitan. This hotel is all about the late-night coquette and provocateur. If you’re into kinky encounters and several gentlemen suitors while enjoying a complimentary cocktail at the bar, then waste no more time and book yourself a room. Inside the hotel, you can steal the show at the craps table or adventure to the Eggslut for a coffee or mimosa the next morning.

The Historian – El Cortez

Las Vegas, in some ways, is like the Romans. The entire city is infatuated with reinvention and using other people’s ideas to make their culture and city better. Nonetheless, El Cortez has survived the ever-evolving Vegas landscape. It opened in 1946, and has remained a nostalgic destination for those in need of a blast from the past. The ambience, clientele, and pricing are reflective of its glory days before the attention swung to the strip. Historian romantics will fall in love with this slice of the past.

The Tycoon – The Wynn and Encore

You know you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, but instead of spitting it out, you bit down hard and held on for the ride. The luxury lifestyle you demand is ever-present from your multiple homes, elegant and exotic cards, your jet, and the multiple businesses you own. You’re nothing short of a tycoon, who deserves the sophistication no one else seems to admire. You’re far beyond anyone else around you, and you know why. Find yourself shooting 18-holes, shopping in luxury, or dining in extravagance when you book with The Wynn and Encore

The Budgeter – Orleans Hotel and Casino

You have already heard it: the flights are cheap but the hotels are expensive. In most cases, this is true. However, if you’re a penny-pincher, the Orleans Hotel and Casino is for you. In Bourbon street fashion, the mardi-gras themed hotel is located less than two miles west of the strip, offers inexpensive hotel rooms, and an atmosphere any budget spend can enjoy. They offer dollar slots and much more to save while you spend. It’s the best deal when it comes to strip proximity for the price.

The Rockstar – SLS Las Vegas

You crave the spotlight, but when the lights shut off, you need a way to retreat from the energy and action. The SLS Las Vegas offers privacy deemed exceptional by rockstars of all kinds. You can spend the day by the pool in a striped cabana, or an evening at dinner at Bazaar Meat. Whether you need a solo escape from all the attention or roll with your crew for eats and drinks, you can find it at this mid-strip hotel.

The Family Guy – Red Rock Casino

You decided to bring your family to Las Vegas. If you’re worried about dragging them up and down the strip, dealing with strip club pamphlets, drunkards, and the occasional all-night partier, then stay at the Red Rock Casino. The sprawling resorts offers more than rooms and a bar. It’s got 72 bowling lanes, an expansive family-friendly pool, and a 16-screen multiplex. Do your kids still want to catch pokemon? Take them two miles away to the Red Rock Canyon National Recreation Area. The family man will find this hotel to be the best place to bring the family when visiting Vegas.



The Dabbler – The LINQ

Do you find it more entertaining to experience a little bit of everything? The LINQ is the perfect hotel for you. The location offers a variety of activities, events, shows, restaurants, and more to tease whatever fancy you may be implored to chase. We know you may not like commiting to one thing, and this hotel gives the dabbler a piece of everything that makes up Las Vegas.

The Hipster – Oasis at Gold Spike

The creative, non-conformist will feel inspired when they stay at the Oasis at Gold Spike. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh decided to purchase and develop the 60 acres for around 350 million dollars. If that doesn’t make your hipster heart skip a beat, we’re not really sure what will. There are thrift stores, yoga studios, indie boutiques, cafes, and cheap living spaces to enjoy. As a magnet for dreamers and visionaries, the inexpensive, retro, cheerful rooms will stir something in your soul when you stay here.

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