If you’re ready to hit the strip clubs in Las Vegas (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), then it’s time to start thinking ahead. First of all, how are you going to get there? With Party N Las Vegas, there is nothing to worry about. We can send a limousine to pick up you and your friends from your hotel and take you to the strip club of your choice! If that isn’t enough, we are all about VIP treatment. Skip the cover fee, jump the line, and get your first cocktail for free—all for booking with us. Now that that’s all handled for you, it’s time to start planning for the fun stuff. What are you going to drink?

Old Fashioned

This is aptly named the Old Fashioned, as it is only of the oldest cocktails we know of. It not only predates the motorcar, but even Abe Lincoln’s presidency. It’s a strong drink one can sip with confidence, and it offers some sweetness without making the drinker sick to his stomach. With just a little sugar, a few dashes of bitters, two ounces of bourbon or rye whiskey, and a garnish, this drink is all yours. Let the bartenders at one of the top strip clubs make you this old favorite!


Martinis come in all kinds of flavors and styles, so you’re sure to find one that calls to you. Of course, you can have it mixed however you’d like. Want it to be extra wet with equal parts gin and vermouth? What about a dryer martini with just a hint of vermouth? Your choice. Have it stirred or shaken like Mr. Bond and enjoy the views that Vegas has to show you.


While we would love to assume that everyone remembers their first margarita, it’s perhaps more possible that no one remembers their first margarita. However, we are sure you’ll remember the delicious margaritas you toss back in Las Vegas! The classic version is made with salt, tequila, Cointreau, and lime juice, but of course, they come in all flavors. Pick your favorite, sit back, and enjoy.

Whiskey Sour

If you are more of a whiskey person and a man of simple, yet classic tastes, this might be the cocktail for you. All it calls for is some bourbon or rye, a little lemon juice, and some sugar. Of course, we won’t judge if you want a little splash of orange juice in there as well.

Call Party N Las Vegas

Whatever your drink preferences may be, the strip clubs, dance clubs, and restaurants out here can absolutely meet your needs. If you are ready to enjoy the finest cocktails in the hottest strip clubs in all of Las Vegas, then you are in the right place. Contact our team today to arrange your transportation. We will grab your crew from the hotel, take you to the hottest party spots, and take you home at the end of your adventure. We look forward to seeing you and showing you how we do it here in Sin City!