If you thought strippers were desperate, broken people, you’ve got it all wrong. Most entertainers are smart, self-aware individuals who enjoy what they do. In most cases, they’ve chosen this career, and they have fun doing it.

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The Nine Secrets

Strippers Dance for Fun (and money)

It may seem hard to imagine, but many strippers, male and female, dance because it’s fun. Not only is the monetary value a benefit, but they enjoy the activity; it’s a great workout, and the pay is a bonus.

They Don’t Care if You Judge Them

Most strippers couldn’t care less if you think what they do for a living is morally or ethically “wrong.” Strippers get asked the question “aren’t you ashamed” a lot. But in a large majority of cases, it’s not about shame. It’s actually quite simple. Strippers get naked for money, and the equate the “job” with other professions.

They Chose This Job

Stripping is a great income, it’s fun to perform, and it provides contacts other industries would die for. For example, strippers get approached all the time for activities, events, and propositions for more ways to make money outside the gentlemen’s club than someone in any other industry.

Strippers have the one advantage other business professionals don’t: direct access. A stripper who entertains their client also has the ability to ask questions. Most club goers, once they relax, are an open book. They share almost anything with their entertainer, which means the stripper has direct access to information and opinions.

The Judgement is Real

Although strippers are told they and their families will be judged for what they do, they don’t care. Once again, most strippers enjoy the job, they get paid well, and they are providing for themselves just like any other profession.

There’s A Difference Between Stripping and Prostitution

A common misconception still circulates through strip clubs, even in Vegas, that strippers are also prostitutes. This simply isn’t true. Granted, we can’t speak for all strippers, but it’s highly likely the entertainers you desire to see the most are not selling sex.

Do You Ever See People You Know at the Club?

Strippers dancing see people they know all the time at the club. Frankly, a regular client base is the foundation for any strippers income. They run their dancing as if it’s a business, retaining clients as best they can, and bringing in new clients as they enter the club. However, if they see a friend, family member, or colleague from another job, it doesn’t phase them (most of the time). They’re on stage to entertain, and they will do just that.

VIP Rooms

When you and a stripper agree to go to the VIP room, it simply means you’re getting more focused attention from the entertainer. Instead of a one-song-dance, you’re able to spend more time with the entertainer. Depending on club rules, you may be able to touch the stripper and have a more personal conversation with them. In a large majority of cases, clubs have cameras in the VIP rooms with security close-by in case a client gets a little handsy.

Dealing with Jerks

Strippers do get the occasional jerk, who thinks they own the joint and the rules don’t apply to them. In most cases, however, the client base is friendly and relatively aware of the entertainer-client relationship.

How Safe Are You?

In Vegas, the clubs are relatively safe for both clients and entertainers. The clubs usually have external and internal camera systems installed. The bouncers tend to assist entertainers to and from their vehicles, and the clients are well aware of how thing are run.

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