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The Hottest Nightclubs

There are few cities in the world that outdo Las Vegas for its nightlife. We simply know how to party. You could throw a rock in Las Vegas and have a good chance of hitting a new nightclub. And though we’re not being literal with that statement, it is a fact that a good portion of these nightclubs are not worth your time or money, which is why you want an insider working for you. As Las Vegas’ premier guide to Vegas nightclubs and venues, we are that insider.

Gaining you VIP access to the most amazing clubs in the world, we’ll help you avoid ridiculous cover charges, allowing you to spend more money on the party itself. And, with reliable transportation options by Party N Las Vegas, you’ll never have to worry about how much naughtiness you engage in.


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The Coolest Pool Parties

A must-see for any Vegas visitor, a pool party is a treat that cannot be missed. Hot sun and even hotter bodies mingle to create a decadent sensation that nowhere in the world does as well as Vegas.

With dozens of pool parties taking place along the strip, both day and night, there is no lack of choice for this unique type of fun. At Party N Las Vegas, we will help you gain access to the world’s most stunning pool and bar areas where you’ll again enjoy the VIP treatment while leaving the cover charges to the tourists.

Find out more about adding a pool party to your package by calling a booking representative now. We’ll help you experience Vegas in a whole new way.