We at Party N Las Vegas know how excited you must be for your trip! We can’t wait to help you navigate through Vegas and make sure you are hitting all the hot party spots and strip clubs. There are shopping spots, restaurants, incredible shows, and the famous casinos – however, if this is your first trip to Vegas, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind in order to have the most fun for your money.

Know Your Distances

It can be easy to think that since everything SEEMS so close that it’s all within walking distance. This is not the case! It doesn’t look that far, but the Strip is actually four miles long. Since the buildings are so close together, it might not seem like that far of a walk, but trust us – it is. If you have a two to three building walk, you can make it! Just trust us when we say you don’t want to walk any farther than that. That’s where we come in! If you need a ride to the hottest spots in all of Vegas, we have you covered. Reserve a ride in a top-class limousine by booking with us today.

Don’t Buy Drinks in the Casino

If you know that your casino agenda consists of slots, video poker, or table games, there is no need to purchase a cocktail before you sit down. The cocktail waitress will come to you! In order to keep you gambling and playing the games, casinos offer free cocktails to those hoping to win big. You may need to wait longer for your drinks, but you will save the money you might want to have when you go out at night to spend some time at the strip clubs.

Plan Ahead

We promise that your Vegas vacation will be a lot more fun if you familiarize yourself with the area and choose where you want to go ahead of time. Walk around the hotel and casino, find out which restaurants are nearby, and then take on the Strip. A perfect way to plan ahead is to book a limousine service with us – we can take you to the wildest clubs and pool parties, all without the cover charge. Find your top casinos, and let us handle the rest for you.

Bring a Jacket, Sunscreen, and Water

Nevada can vary in temperature from morning to night, so keep the extra stuff on you just in case. You can get dehydrated very quickly, which means that your hangover the next day will be positively brutal. Make the most of your time here and don’t let sunburns, dehydration, or chilliness keep you from having the incredible time you came here for.

Sign Up for Player’s Clubs

Many of the casinos offer “player’s club” memberships to anyone who gambles in their facility. While you might not plan on doing much gambling, most of these clubs offer incredible freebies, discounts on shows, restaurants, attractions, and even more. Swipe your player’s card wherever you go on the property, because you never know what you could earn! You accumulate points as you move through the property, and those can add up to all kinds of fun prizes.

Take Gambling Lessons

If you feel at all unsure about sitting down at the blackjack or poker tables at the casino, don’t fret! Many of the casinos offer free gambling lessons. They provide the general rules of the game, what the dealer is saying and what he means, where to sit at the table, and more! Of course, we do recommend that you read up on these games before your trip to Vegas so you already have a basic understanding before you arrive.

Avoid Peak Dinner Times

Between six and eight p.m.are the heaviest and busiest dinner times. If you are someone who can adjust their eating schedule, you may want to aim for five p.m. or even nine p.m. The buffets and other restaurants can reach unmanageable levels during peak hours, and you will be wasting precious Vegas time waiting for your food!

Beware of Costume Characters

Yes, it can be fun to stop next to someone dressed as a famous character and take a picture, but be warned: they want to you to pay them for the picture. Either pass up the opportunity altogether to avoid an awkward interaction or negotiate a price ahead of time.

Take Pictures!

This is going to be a trip to remember, so don’t let a dead phone or an old camera battery destroy the memories! Bring some backup batteries and portable phone chargers if you can. Take tons of selfies with your friends, too – you’ll earn those bragging rights when you post those pics on Instagram or Facebook later.

Be Open to Anything

The old adage, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is true when it comes to partying with the best at Party N Las Vegas. Do everything with an open mind and always be down for spontaneous adventures. After all, isn’t that what being in Vegas is all about? This wild city is just waiting for you to come party with us. We can’t wait to show you all the fun Vegas has to offer you and your friends by bringing you to the sexiest strip clubs and wildest pool parties. For full limousine service, VIP treatment you deserve, and a wild adventure you’ll never forget, be sure to call Party N Las Vegas today!