Your friend or relative is a bride-to-be, and we know you couldn’t be more excited! However, now that you’ve been tasked with planning the bachelorette party, we know you have a lot on your hands that you need to handle. Where will you go? What will you do? Who will you invite? Don’t stress—we know all about planning the ultimate party here at Party N Las Vegas. Read some of our top tips and tricks to make sure your friend has the bachelorette party worth talking about for years to come.

Chat with the Bride First

Make sure you don’t start making plans before talking to the bride! What sorts of things are off limits? If she is a wild partier who is looking for a big final fling before the ring, then a night in with cocktails and nothing else is going to bore her. Also, does she have a date in mind that makes more sense for her? Some brides want to go out the night before the wedding; others know that they would have a much better time going out the weekend before and not stressing about the wedding details. See what she wants, make a list, and go from there!

Pick a Theme

By choosing a theme, you can have a template for how to decorate and run the night. If you are going to make a weekend trip to Las Vegas, for example, you could choose a Sin City theme—complete with Vegas-themed decorations and a day dedicated to the casinos. Even if the theme is just the bride’s favorite color, she will love seeing everything covered in her color of choice.

Organize a Schedule

Regardless of whether this bachelorette party is supposed to last for three hours or three days, have a guideline of when events are will give you and the bride more peace of mind. Also, make sure to schedule out your planning as much as you can ahead of time. For example, when do you need to have the hotel booked by? What about your transportation? Laying out a schedule ahead of time will help you feel like everything has been done in a timely manner, and you haven’t been scrambling to get all the planning done.

Make Your Reservations

For those of you who are traveling for the bachelorette party, don’t forget to make reservations! If your bride friend would love to see some male strippers, that can absolutely happen—but you’ll need to make sure to reserve your party’s space ahead of time. The same goes for any dinner locations or shows your crew may be heading to. Hint: Always let the venue know that you are booking a bachelorette party! Some places will offer discounts or special packages.

Invite Everyone

The bride has to handle save the dates, invites, and thank yous—so why not take it upon yourself to handle this one thing? Just make sure to run the guest list by the bride first, or ask her for the guest list ahead of time. That way, you can feel confident that the guest list won’t cause any problems and that you didn’t forget any of the bride’s cherished friends!

Collect Money

Unless you are fabulously wealthy, chances are you won’t be able to pay for everything on your own. It’s customary for you all to pay for the bachelorette, but everyone else should pick up their own tab. Ask everyone to chip in, make sure they purchase their own tickets, and request all the money up front. As long as you are transparent about the costs up front, there will be no surprises or issues!

Contact Party N Las Vegas

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