Whether you are getting ready to plan for your birthday or you’ve been tasked with organizing the plans for a friend, you’re thinking about Las Vegas. Let us be the first ones to say that you are on the right track! Vegas is the perfect spot for an unforgettable birthday experience. We have the coldest drinks, the wildest parties, and the hottest strippers. With a casino everywhere you turn on the strip and incredible restaurants, there is no way to go wrong. Here are some of our top suggestions when planning a birthday party in Las Vegas.

Make Initial Plans

If you are coming from out of town with a crew, you’ll need to decide on a few dates before committing to a weekend in Sin City. Ask your friends when they are free; that way, you can have the biggest group possible.

Once you know how many people can come, we recommend looking into your hotel options. While you might find some cheaper options outside the city, it’s important to consider transportation and parking costs. And, if you do enough digging around, you might be surprised to learn just how affordable the hotels on the strip can cost.

Finally, consider your budget. Are you paying for only yourself, or are you spotting the payment for the guests as well? Consider what you can afford and plan that out ahead of time.

Choose What You Want to Do

There are hundreds of things to do in Las Vegas, and we know you want to do them all. Unfortunately, you’re probably going to have to pick and choose. Here are some of our top options to consider. Feel free to add in other preferences if you have them!

  • Bars: This may be the most obvious option, but it has to be said! No birthday is complete without a few cocktails. Whether the birthday boy or girl is into wild dance clubs or laid-back lounges, you can find the perfect bar to meet their needs in Vegas.
  • Food: There are tons of steakhouses, Italian joints, and seafood paradise restaurants all over, so choose which ones sound the best to you and your crew. Feel free to call ahead and see if they will do anything special for a birthday, too!
  • Shows: Las Vegas is known for having some amazing concerts and festivals. It would be a waste not to see a single one! See who is headlining when you are planning your visit and make sure to save up for tickets. If you are looking to go to a festival, like EDC, make sure to buy those tickets ahead of time—they tend to sell out fast.
  • Strip clubs: One of the hottest attractions in Las Vegas is the strip clubs, and we understand why. Vegas is home to some of the sexiest women on earth, and all of them want to spend time with you. From Spearmint Rhino to Treasures, Sapphire to Hustler Club, there is no shortage of places to explore.
  • Nightclubs: You’d be surprised how many hotels on the strip have nightclubs right inside them! Explore the dancing venues that Vegas has to offer and party all night long!
  • Bottle service: No matter where you go, nothing says “it’s my birthday” quite like indulging in the VIP experience. Take a look at the bottle service packages for your favorite strip clubs and see which one sounds like the most fun.

Transportation and Limousine Service

When it comes to planning the perfect birthday party, one of the most important parts is to consider your transportation. No one wants to end up spending hundreds of dollars on Ubers at the end of the weekend, and a rental car can be just as expensive once all your parking is taken care of. And, that’s if you have a volunteer sober driver. Get rid of all that stress and roll around Vegas in style! At Party N Las Vegas, we offer some of the finest limousine transportation to and from your favorite clubs. We’ll pick you up from your hotel, drop you off at the strip club, and pick you up again at the end of the night. It’s that simple. Contact us today to take a closer look at our available packages!