You just landed in Vegas. Your boss is mad at you because you left early on a Friday and won’t be back until Monday morning. So what? You’ve got 72 hours to indulge in the hottest strippers, best drinks, and finest dining Sin City has to offer. If you plan on renting a car, don’t. There are plenty of transportation services you can use to get to where you’re going. However, when you decide to enjoy the finest gentlemen’s clubs in the nation (and the world), you need to ride in style. Book with Party N Las Vegas and receive VIP treatment, complimentary drinks, free cover, and bottle service once inside. You’ve worked too hard this week, month, or quarter to experience Vegas on the cheap. Get what you deserve!

Six Must-Have Vegas Nightlife Items For Guys

If you haven’t learned this yet, it pays to be prepared in life and in Vegas. What does being prepared look like for a guy who wants to enjoy a night out on the strip? Here are six items every guy must take with him on a night out in Vegas:


Make sure you have your driver’s license or another acceptable form of identification to get into clubs, order drinks, and enjoy any other adult entertainment venues you may find yourself wandering into—let’s be real, you knew the building was an adult video shop. Frankly, if you can’t get into the finest stip clubs in Las Vegas, how do you expect to have any fun? Sure, you could enjoy drinks, chat up strangers, and watch a burlesque show. But is that really how you want to blow off steam? We didn’t think so.


That’s right! Bring cash. Although you may have a high-limit credit card, you’re going to get slammed on processing fees, and, frankly, cards are easier than ever to steal without you knowing it—and we don’t mean physically. A quick snapshot on a phone while you’re paying for your double-whiskey and Coke can close the gap between what you owe and your limit real quick. Also, if you want to get more attention from the hottest strippers in Vegas, cash is king. Use it.

Phone Charger

Sure, you may have your phone on silent and stuffed in your pocket, but we guarantee that when you switch clubs, try and snap shots of the strippers, or get another human’s number, you’ll use the battery. You’ll also be enjoying yourself, so a little number in the corner of your phone screen won’t look all that clear when you stare at it for a solid seven seconds. Eventually, you’ll give up and return to your fun. In any case, having a phone to use means you can call a cab. Want to avoid cabs altogether? Book Party N Las Vegas! We provide luxury limos to and from the club at your convenience. It’s easier than those ride-sharing apps everyone else uses.

Book Now With Party N Las Vegas

You deserve VIP treatment and free cover for all the hard work you do back home. Indulge in the Vegas nightlife with a private limo for you and your friends. Traveling alone? Even better! We offer private transportation with all the benefits of a limo. Complimentary drinks, bottle service, and free cover. Book Party N Las Vegas now!

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