We get it. You want to hit the club, enjoy the luscious ladies, and throw back a few drinks. It’s all about having some fun.

We also understand you don’t want to be told about rules and regulations when it comes to strip clubs, so we won’t go there either.

Instead, we want to share the top ten mistakes less-than-likeable men make when they visit the best gentlemen’s clubs on the strip.

Frankly, don’t be “that guy” in the club nobody likes and the entertainers avoid. It’ll make the situation awkward, and your experience less than satisfactory.

The Ten Mistakes Men Make in Gentlemen’s Clubs

Bring Their Girlfriend or Spouse

This isn’t a hard and fast mistake, but if your significant other does not want to be at the club, don’t bring them. The gentlemen’s club is more than a strip joint; it’s a place to kick back, relax, enjoy your favorite beverage, and be entertained by beautiful, exotic women. A girlfriend or spouse who doesn’t want to have fun at the club won’t make things better. It’s better to show up to a club alone than it is to bring your partner along.

Buying A Bachelor Package After You’ve Arrived

The solution to this mistake is simple: plan ahead. If you or a friend is celebrating their eventual marriage, do it in style. Setup transportation, VIP treatment, bottle service, and a bachelor package prior to arriving to your desired club.

Not Knowing The Etiquette (Rules)

If you’re not sure how the club operates, ask someone, whether it be the bartenders or entertainers. It’s better to know where the line is than get kicked out and ruin your night.

Giving Excuses

The entertainers in the gentlemen’s club are there to make money so when you give them the talk-around about how you’re waiting on a friend, you’re waiting on a drink, or you’re not ready yet, you’re wasting their time. Don’t waste their time. Simply tell them “no thanks.”

Don’t Ask About Prices

Not only is it frustrating, but it’s annoying to the entertainers, the bartenders, and anyone else you’re purchasing a service or product from to not know the price before accepting the offer. If you don’t know what it cost for an exotic lap dance, ask the entertainer. They’ll gladly inform you on the pricing, because they are there to have fun with you and make money.

Using Their Phone Near The Stage

Yes, the entertainers dance naked for a living, but that doesn’t mean you should try and get pictures or video of them. In many clubs, it’s frowned upon, in some cases people get tossed out of the club, for using their phone near the stage. Don’t be that guy trying to share your night at the club with the world. Enjoy the entertainer, your drink, and the atmosphere.

Wearing Rough, Sharp, or Abrasive Attire

You know that rad belt you wear everywhere because it makes you look cool? Consider choosing a different one when you visit gentlemen’s clubs. Any sharp, rough, hard, or scratchy clothing or accessories make it tough for the entertainers to give you private dances.

Not Tipping The Stage

If you sit near the stage, make sure and tip the entertainer before they finish performing. The seating near the stage is for those wanting to get an up-and-close experience without having to pay for a private dance.

Use A Credit Card

You may think it’s convenient, but it’s not worth the service charges and the occasional “tip” you find on your tab after it’s been processed. It’s better to get cash prior to going to the gentlemen’s club so you can freely spend it as you see fit. Worrying about a credit card in a club is a pain, and it causes more problems for you, the entertainer, and the club.

Choosing A Dancer Based On Looks

You may have a type of look you prefer, but that doesn’t mean the entertainer in that club can satisfy you with their type of lap dance. It’s better to get a drink, watch a few dances on stage, and scout the strippers before you decide which one you would like get a private dance from.

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